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We provide a peer-to-peer platform where you can transfer money at fair cost, fair rate, fast, (near) real-time with confidence


Transfer money all
over the world

Send money anywhere in the world, anytime with P2PHub

Fast transfer

Incorporating cutting-edge technology for rapid fund transfers

Secure transfer

Your money is securely transferred using state-of-the-art security measures

App Features

The unique features that distinguish P2PHub from other competitors

Real Time

Real-time (near real-time) access to the fund to meet your immediate remittance needs

Integrated Technologies

Focusing on integrated technologies same as banks across the globe

Reduced Cost 

Improved remittance speed and reduced cost for best turnover


Advanced security measures for your peace of mind


Go cashless with P2PHub's secure payment solution

Reliable, High performance

A cloud-native payment app with high-performance architecture for reliable and scalable transactions

P2PHub Technologies

P2PHub's payment processor use
cutting-edge technologies for a fast and secure payment experience

P2P API Deployment

Jenkins , Docker , Kubernetes. , Helm

P2P API Implemantor

Spring boot , JPA / ODBC , Atomikos spring MVC Gson & Jackson

P2P API Monitor

Grafana , Prometheus , Elk (Elasticsearch Logstash Kibana)

P2P API Design

Swagger Hub

P2P API Cloud

Amazon web service
EC2 / VPC / IAM / RDS / KMS / SNS / S3 / QLDB

We develope P2PHub in multi platform

Android App

P2PHub is available on Android 7+ for convenient on-the-go payments.

ios App

P2PHub will be available on iPhone and iPad

Web app

P2PHub's web app is browser-compatible, accessible on any browser for easy payment management

P2PHub Framwork  System Artitechture



P2P Transfer


(SMS, Email
Voice msg)


User Enrollment


Device Mng

chat messaging

Students, Immigrants and Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship and immigration have been essential drivers for cross-border remittances in recent years. Immigrants whose family members live in their country of origin, students from developing countries studying at universities in US and Canada, and entrepreneurs who have business and trade relations in regions like East Asia, all of them need P2PHub as a secure, affordable, and near real-time cross-border payment system.

As businesses engage more with overseas counterparts for a variety of activities, including tourism, business, medical, entertainment, and educational purposes, there is an increasing need for reliable and secure cross-border payment solutions. P2PHub is the answer to this need, offering businesses a convenient way to transfer funds overseas with confidence. Whether it's paying for travel expenses, settling business transactions, or sending money for other purposes, P2PHub provides the necessary support for seamless cross-border payments


COVID-19 has accelerated the growth of cross-border money transfers. With people avoiding banks and currency exchange offices during the pandemic, online payment processing tools like P2PHub mobile apps have become a preferred way to send money abroad.

Transfer money with different currencies

With the help of P2PHub mobile payment processing framework, you will be able to send inward digital remittances fast and secure  from your home countries to North America (USA & Canada). Likewise, You can easily outward digital remittances to send your Dollars to your family at your back home country. 

About us

P2PHub is a newly registered incorporation in Canada and the state of Ontario. It was established with the aim of simplifying and speeding up international payments in Canada and the USA. To achieve this goal, a cross border payment framework is being implemented. The vision of this company is to help international students, immigrants and entrepreneurs (SMEs) in making financial cross border payments between the two countries that have bank accounts. The mission of this company is to set up an international payment network to help people make fast, safe and simple peer-to-peer payments at the lowest possible cost. The system has become available in Almost 10 countries including Canada, USA, UK, Australia, China, India, and others. Due to the strong and complete structure of this framework, it is possible to add new services quickly and easily. P2PHub is a suitable platform for implementing new payment ideas. Currently, it has one full-time and 3 part-time employees. P2PHub startup is in the early stages, and despite the good progress it has made in technical implementation; its business model needs to be enhanced and funds need to be raised. We seek to attract a strong business co-founder whose help raise funds, organize management structure, and improve our legal structure. We need office space and support from investors to raise our company capital.