With BorderKonnect, you can
receive and compare bids
from multiple MSBs.


Generate revenue
through transactions swap
on our platform.

Secure transfer

We use the latest
security methods to
swap your money

App Features

The unique features that distinguish BorderKonnect from other competitors

Competitive Rates

Access to the best exchange rates and lowest fees from various MSBs.


A streamlined process that saves time and effort in finding the best transfer options.


Clear and transparent fees with no hidden costs


Robust security measures to ensure safe transactions


The ability to choose from multiple offers and select the one that best suits their needs

Reliable, High performance

Cloud native app with scalable, robust, avilable, and high throughput architecture

BorderKonnect Technologies

The latest state-of-the-art technologies are
used in BorderKonnect payment processor

P2P API Deployment

Jenkins , Docker , Kubernetes. , Helm

P2P API Implemantor

Spring boot , JPA / ODBC , Atomikos spring MVC Gson & Jackson

P2P API Monitor

Grafana , Prometheus , Elk (Elasticsearch Logstash Kibana)

P2P API Design

Swagger Hub

P2P API Cloud

Amazon web service
EC2 / VPC / IAM / RDS / KMS / SNS / S3 / QLDB

We develope BorderKonnect in multi platform

Android App

BorderKonnect will be available on Android phones from Android 10 and above

ios App

BorderKonnect will be available on iPhone and iPad

Web app

The web app version of BorderKonnect will be able to run on all types of browser

BorderKonnect Framwork  System Artitechture





(SMS, Email
Voice msg)


User Enrollment


Device Mng

chat messaging

Students, factory owners and other people who live abroad

Entrepreneurship and migration have been essential drivers for cross-border remittances in recent years. Immigrants whose family members live in their country of origin, students from developing countries studying at universities in developed countries such as the United States and Canada, And entrepreneurs who have set up factories in regions like East Asia, All of them need BorderKonnect as a secure, affordable, and near real-time cross-border payment system.

Businesses are increasingly engaging with their overseas counterparts for leisure, business, medical, entertainment, and educational activities, which involve the transfer of money overseas. BorderKonnect help is vital in this regard!


Invest in borderKonnect and join us in revolutionizing the global money transfer industry. With our innovative platform, strong market positioning, and a commitment to transparency and efficiency, we are poised for significant growth and success. Be part of a future where international money transfers are seamless, secure, and cost-effective.

Transfer money with different currencies

With the help of BorderKonnect platform, you will be able to send inward digital remittances fast and secure  from your home countries to North America (USA & Canada). Likewise, You can easily outward digital remittances to send your Dollars to your family at your back home country. 

About us

borderKonnect is an innovative platform designed to simplify cross-border money transfers. Founded in 2023, borderKonnect operates under the brand P2PHub Inc. Our mission is to make low-value currency transactions hassle-free and secure, empowering users with competitive rates and a transparent process. Our vision is to revolutionize global currency transactions by providing a user-friendly and efficient service. With our headquarters in Toronto and a strong team of experts, we are dedicated to offering the best possible experience for our customers and partners.